4 Unique Ways to Use Wrapping Paper

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We're going to skip the obvious use of wrapping paper. AKA Wrapping Birthday Presents, Christmas Presents, Wedding Gifts.... You get it. 


We found these four ways super creative and hope you do too! 

#1 Framing & using it as seasonal wall décor. We love this idea! It's way less expensive than buying a new framed print every season. Plus, when you're done you can store it easily or throw it away as you replace it with a print for the next season.  

Spider Wrapping Paper Framed and Sitting on a Fireplace Mantle

Here's a zoomed-out image so you can see how it accents the rest of the room!

You can find the spider wrapping paper here 

Living Room Mantle With Fall & Halloween Decor


#2 Table Runner/Tablecloth for Parties 

So cute! We know kids spill like crazy, so this was an awesome idea. Quick clean-up and it matches the party decorations. 

Wrapping Paper used as a tablecloth for cereal bar


#3 Photo Props! 

Dying over this one. As a mom whose kids scarf down pizza like no-ones' business this resonates with me. Foodies start young. You can check the Pizza Wrapping Paper here

 Little Boy Eating Pizza With Pizza Wrapping Paper


#4 DIY Crafts & Projects 

Take some Modge Podge and glue it down! We've seen our gift wrap cut up and used in scrap books but we have never seen it glued to a table like this before. The only time we have that happen when our kids get the glue stick and scissors at the dinner table... 🤦‍♀️

Check the Patches Wrapping Paper here

How clever was this? 

Coffee Table with Wrapping paper glued to it


How have you used wrapping paper, or other items in a different, creative way? 

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