Earn Free Wrapping Paper

Posted by Diana Stone on

Do you love wrapping paper but don't want to pay for it? 

No Problem! Viola Grace Shop just rolled out a new program that allows you to earn gift wrap for free! 

How's it work? 

It's quite simple, actually. All you have to do is visit our Referral Page and enter your name and email. 

Referral Form for Free wrapping paper

Once you've entered your information, select "submit". You have been added to our reward program! 

After you select "submit" you will be taken to a new page where you can enter your friends email address. Once you do that, we'll send your friend a coupon for 25% off their first purchase! 

Enter Friend email for referral points

Once they make their first purchase, we'll send you an email letting you know that you can order your free wrapping paper ($16 value). 

Below this email field, we'll also provide you with a specific referral link to share via text, email or social media. 

Referral Link for free wrapping paper

When your friends click this link they'll go to the Viola Grace Shop home page where they will see a pop-up asking for their email address so they can claim their 25% off coupon. 

Claim reward pop-up

After they enter their email address a one-time use code will appear and will automatically be added to their shopping cart upon check-out! 


Why do you say $16? 

We'd love to send you $16 cash, but there are laws that prevent us from doing that-- So instead, we're giving you a $16 credit/coupon code. This will cover the cost of one set (three sheets), standard shipping and taxes. 

You can share your code an unlimited number of times, so take advantage of us! 

However, the reward may not always stay at $16, so make sure you share Viola Grace Shop with your friends before Christmas! 

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