Expert Ways of Using Birthday Wrapping in a Paper Sheet

Posted by Andrea Gomez on

Wrapping birthday gifts is an art form, but it’s not difficult and is a skill you can master easily by using these expert ways. Forget the gift bags! What you want is birthday wrapping in a paper sheet. It is versatile and allows you to wrap many sizes of presents.

Choose wrapping that is not too thick or too thin. Thicker paper is harder to fold and looks bulky. Thinner paper can tear very easily. You want a happy medium here. Sharp scissors are essential to cut the wrapping in a straight line more easily. If you do end up with jagged edges, simply fold and crease the paper into a straight line.

Don't use too much paper. It is helpful to measure what you will need before actually cutting the paper. This will prevent bulky folds and make the birthday gift look neater. Using double-sided tape will also create a professional look as the tape can be affixed where it will not show.

Bows, if wanted, will go on the top of the box, which should be a smooth surface with no tape. Make sure you are using a hard flat surface to apply your birthday wrapping. A soft surface such as a bed will almost guarantee problems. It is actually best to stand at a table or kitchen counter.

Practice makes perfect, so do plan to do just that if you are at all unsure about your wrapping skills. With just a bit of time, you will be using birthday wrapping in a paper sheet like an expert!

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