How to use wrapping paper to take your party to the next level

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Wrapping paper is an underutilized piece of party decor. We tend to go all out on the party decor but then we run to the dollar store and buy cheap, unexciting wrapping paper that doesn't add to the party theme. Start the wow factor before they rip off the paper to see their gift and make sure you have your camera ready, you won't want to miss their reaction when they see the care you put into wrapping their present.

What can you use wrapping paper for?

Wrapping paper is an easy way to make a larger impact at your party. When you order custom wrapping paper online, it will usually come with a large roll of wrapping paper. You can either cut the rolls into smaller pieces or tear them into smaller strips. You can also use it to cover gifts when you don't want to wrap them. One of the best uses for custom wrapping paper is to create a unique and memorable gift for a special someone. If you've never used custom wrapping paper before, this can be a really fun crafting project.

How to Wrap a Present

You can use your custom gift wrapping paper to make a simple gift box or you can use it as the base for an incredibly personal note. If you want it to look more like a gift box, you can add a cute bow or sticker. If you want it to look like a note, you can add a signature or an adorable poem at the bottom. Either way, the base of the wrapping paper will determine the look of your gift box or note. This is also a great project for when you have a friend who is good at making creative crafts.

How to Decorate with Wrapping Paper

If you've never used wrapping paper decoratively before, this is a great project to start. Start by covering your gift box or gift with a sheet of custom paper. You can either tear the paper into smaller strips or cut the paper into smaller squares. Then decorate the paper around the box or gift with ribbons, flowers, glitter, candy, etc. You can even include a message on the back of the paper. Once the decoration is complete, you can stick the paper on a nail and hammer it into place. Alternatively, you can use a strong glue like Velcro or Scotch tape to stick the paper to the box or gift. If you want to go with a note theme, you can attach note cards or a handmade note to the gift. This is also a great project for when you have a friend who is good at making creative crafts.

Take a look at our favorite party decorations with wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is a great addition to any party. Whether you choose to use it as a decor or a gift, there are a number of ways you can use it. Here are a few of our favorite party decorations with wrapping paper. wedding table centerpieces: weddings are meant to be memorable, and these centerpieces will make your guests feel special. drop shadow effects: add a 3D look to your photos with drop shadow effects. These can be used to create shadows on people and vehicles in pictures, for example. monograms: personalize your mason jars with a monogram. These are a cute way to add a personal touch to your party. adorable presents: custom wrapping paper is perfect for making personalized gifts. Wrap your child's presents first so they don't get lost in all the wrapping paper.


Wrapping paper can be used in a variety of ways: as a decoration, as a gift, as a note, and as an idea. Wrapping paper can be used to add a unique touch to any party and make for a thoughtful gift. Wrapping paper is also a budget-friendly option compared to buying expensive gifts. So, if you haven't used wrapping paper before, we highly recommend starting on this list. You'll be surprised how much you enjoy using it and how creative you can be with it.

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