The Different Sizes and Shapes of Gift Wrapping Paper

The Different Sizes and Shapes of Gift Wrapping Paper

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Gift wrapping is an essential part of gift decoration in today's world, as it enhances the beauty and attraction of the present. Gift wrapping culture has come a long way in terms of exquisite presentation, the tradition of exchanging gifts, and distinctive shapes and designs. 

From the size and shape to the patterns and colors, gift wrapping paper can evoke excitement, anticipation, and joy. Whether it's contemporary designs or funky shapes, unravel the galaxy of wrapping papers at Voila Grace Shop and get to know some diverse designs and textures that can easily lighten your wrapping journey.

  • Standard sizes
  • When it comes to gift wrapping paper, standard sizes are the go-to option for most people. They offer convenience and accessibility, making them readily available in stores. The most common standard sizes include rolls 24 inches wide and lengths ranging from 6 to 10 feet. These sizes work well for various gifts, from small trinkets to medium-sized boxes.

  • Oversized and Jumbo Rolls
  • For those who love to think big and make a statement, oversized and jumbo rolls of gift wrapping paper are the perfect choice. These rolls can range from 30 to 60 inches wide, allowing you to wrap even the largest of gifts easily. 

  • Small and miniature sizes
  • Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. Miniature gift wrapping paper sizes are ideal for those tiny treasures that need delicate care and attention. These petite rolls, often 12 inches wide or less, are excellent for wrapping jewelry, small accessories, or even heartfelt handwritten notes. 

    Voila Grace Shop Special Editions

    1. Be Happy

    Be Happy Designer Wrapping Paper

    Enhance your gift-giving experience with captivating "Be Happy" design wrapping paper. This vibrant and funny wrapping paper consists of lovely patterns of birthday occasions, making it perfect for anniversaries and special occasions. Its playful bear design, ranging from Be Happy, colorful confetti, radiates joy and spreads positivity. So, go ahead and embrace the contagious spirit of happiness by adorning your gifts with "Be Happy" design wrapping paper – a surefire way to make your special moments even brighter.

    2. Birthday Tiger

    Birthday Tiger Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

    Searching for something fun yet majestic to win anyone's heart? The charming orange and white tiger featured across the wrapping paper exudes a sense of joy and pleasure. The paper's design is adorned with cute birthday tigers with tiny graphics, which evoke a sense of playfulness. Best for kids to present gifts in this cute wrapping paper that elevates the excitement of opening a gift. 

    Key Takeaways

    So, the next time you find yourself in a store or browsing online for gift wrapping paper, take a moment to appreciate the wide range of sizes and shapes available. Embrace the artistry of gift wrapping and select the perfect paper that reflects the uniqueness of your gift and the person you are presenting it to.


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