The Environmental Impact of Gift Wrapping Paper: What You Need to Know

The Environmental Impact of Gift Wrapping Paper: What You Need to Know

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Tonnes of waste are generated annually due to wrapping paper dumped into landfills. The sidewalks become debris of overstuffed gift packaging after the holiday season. Undoubtedly it's always a magical experience to share Christmas or holiday gifts and spread festive joy! But sadly, the result of our celebrations becomes a pile of harmful waste. The glitter-encrusted wrapping paper is very toxic to our environment. They are not recyclable and can extremely pollute the land and the ocean. Moreover, they are microplastics that can be fatal for animals.

The cheap gift papers with sticky tape are creating havoc for our environment. Therefore you must ditch this harmful paper and instead choose 'green gifting' for festive seasons or other celebrations. This eco-friendly culture is now an emerging trend that aims to disrupt the detrimental impact of gift papers. We at ViolaGrace offer high-quality biodegradable wrapping paper to make the celebration eco-friendly and special! Here are a few adorable gift papers for celebrating joyous moments. 

1. Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

Pick up our super cute wrapping paper to decorate gifts for your close ones! This wonderland-themed printed gift paper makes a go-to accessory during celebrations. Each set of this premium selection comes with three pre-cut sheets. Undoubtedly makes a lovely piece that epitomizes the topsy-turvy adventures of our life! It is an excellent choice for every merry occasion or for crafting creative DIY projects. You can effortlessly wrap your gifts without the hindrance of rolling back the papers like the traditional rolls. Moreover, it is also easy to store, making it a top-notch and convenient choice! 

2. Animal Birthday

Animal Printed Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper

Surprise the little ones with our premium birthday wrapping paper! This adorable gift selection comes in an attractive and quality print. It instantly mesmerizes the little kiddos, who are always fascinated by the imaginative world of animals! The image of birthday celebrations makes it ideal for elevating merry occasions. Moreover, you can choose this top-notch gift paper for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more! 

3. Daisies & Hearts

Daisies & Hearts Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

Grab this high-quality wrapping sheet for celebrating joyful moments! This lovely bright-colored gift selection marks a beautiful statement among the recipient. Moreover, our floral wrapping paper is highly durable and can seamlessly withstand shipping and handling. This premium selection comes with three sheets of gift papers, thus offering ample coverage for large-sized sifts. You will also love the tiny hearts that beautifully epitomizes the joyous celebrations of life.

4. Engagement Rings & Flowers

Engagement Rings & Flowers Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

Check out our premium quality Valentine's wrapping paper for the sweetest surprise for your love! It also makes a top-notch engagement gift selection with a romantic print! Moreover, this iconic wrapping sheet adds extra elegance to your gift. It appears incredibly adorable and also convenient for packaging. The recipient will love this thoughtful selection and keep it as their keepsake. You can also use it as a lovely decor for your personal or office space. 

5. Baby Carriage 

Celebrate the blessings of the infant's arrival with this premium gift sheet! It also makes an adorable gift wrap paper perfect for packing goodies for a new baby. You can present a thoughtful present to the new parents through this creative selection. Moreover, this wrapping paper is perfect for decorating the newborn child's nursery.  

As people become more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, the demand for eco-friendly gift-wrapping alternatives is increasing. By making thoughtful choices, we can minimize the adverse environmental effects of gift-giving while still maintaining the joy of presenting and receiving gifts. Therefore you can successfully ditch the toxic gift wrapping paper to protect our ecosystem from the alarming disruption.


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