Visiting Santa This Year?

Posted by Diana Stone on

Christmas is practically here and Black Friday is three weeks from today. If we're anything alike, you've started buying gifts and keeping tabs on your favorite brands to get your family members and friends an awesome Christmas present this year! 

Of course, we're a huge fan of physical gifts in nice wrapping paper, but you can never go wrong with awesome experiences. 

One of our favorite traditions is meeting Santa Claus. But what makes it hard is fighting crowds, waiting in lines and then having your kid completely melt down when it's their turn to sit on Santa's lap. 

We have recently met the team over at Santa Chat. They work directly with The North Pole and Santa's Elves to get a personalized video from Santa Claus himself! This is a really neat and convenient way for your kids to meet Santa because it completely eliminates the stressful situation we talked about earlier. 

Plus, the videos are yours to keep! You can download them on your computer or phone and watch them over and over again. 

The service is really simple and affordable. All you have to do is provide your Child's first name, the email you want the video sent to, their age, what they want for Christmas and anything else you'd want Santa to know. We also really like that you can choose between a Caucasian or African American Santa. 

What's great, is you can provide as much or as little information as you'd like making the experience unique for your child. 


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