What is the Importance of Gift Wrapping?

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We’ve all wrapped gifts and it’s a universal process that most cultures practice. Using wrapping paper adds an air of surprise and mystery to your gifts and it has a brilliant psychological effect on the gift receiver as they try to decipher what’s inside!

Through all your years of gift-wrapping, I bet you have never stopped to wonder where this tradition originated from and what effect it has. Well, wonder no more as I delve into the history of gift-wrapping below, together with a look at other aspects like the psychological effect it has, and if it's even necessary!

Where Did the Tradition of Wrapping Gifts Come From?

I am going to admit that I was incredibly surprised when I learned this fact! I wrongly assumed that gift-wrapping was a relatively modern invention, but the process has been documented since the 2nd Century BC! So, people have been wrapping gifts for thousands of years!

In ancient China, (where paper was invented) gifts of money were originally wrapped in paper and this is one of the first documented uses.

In modern history, Rollie and Joyce Hall who created Hallmark Cards are credited with creating the modern tradition of decorative gift wrapping paper in the 20th century. This has evolved and there is now gift wrapping paper for Christmas and every other holiday you can think of!

In Western culture, we have taken gift wrapping to a whole new level and it’s common to include gift tags with hand-written notes. Aside from the wrapping paper, we include decorative items like bows, ribbons, and glitter too to really go to town and make the gift seem more impressive.

Is Gift Wrapping Necessary?

Some people are not a fan of gift wrapping and many do not see the point. I understand this, and it can seem a little pointless - the paper just gets torn apart anyway and thrown in the bin so why bother?

Indeed, gift wrapping is not necessary, but it is greatly appreciated and it enhances the overall gift-giving experience. Without wrapping paper, the element of surprise and excitement is stripped away - there is no build-up or suspense and gift-giving becomes a boring experience.

What could be better than receiving a perfectly wrapped gift with its true shape and contents disguised? Surely you remember the feeling at Christmas you got from looking at your pile of presents under the tree, wondering what treasures were inside? This is why gift wrapping is necessary because it adds an incredible element of mystery, eagerness, and anticipation.

Why Does Wrapping Presents Make Me Happy?

I don’t know about you, but I find wrapping presents especially therapeutic. It’s a methodical process that requires your entire attention - it’s just you and the gift and the wrapping paper. I find that I can switch my mind off while gift wrapping and this is one of the reasons it can make people happy.

The other reason is the enjoyment you get from seeing the gift receiver tear apart the wrapping paper with gusto. When wrapping the gift, you get to think about their reaction and if they will like the present or not - there is a whole psychological process that goes into gift wrapping and gift receiving that we often simply don’t think about.

How Does Gift Wrapping Affect the Value of the Gift?

In terms of monetary value, gift wrapping has no effect. It is purely a decorative process that we do to make a statement, impress the recipient, and add an air of mystery to the gift.

The importance shouldn’t be placed on the value regardless. Gift wrapping is something we do to make the receiving process more enjoyable and exciting. The recipient gets to ponder what awesome gifts are hidden inside and many people also appreciate the artistry and decorative elements that wrapping paper has.

So what is the importance of gift wrapping? It's in the enhancement of the gift receiving process and bringing more happiness and joy to your friends, family, and loved ones. It’s seeing their reaction and making their occasion that extra bit special and memorable! The psychology of gift giving is incredibly interesting and something that we often don’t consider.

Gift Wrapping is Here to Stay and People Love it!

The tradition of gift-giving is showing no signs of slowing down and this will only increase as more holidays become popular. This means that gift wrapping is here to stay too!

I personally love watching people open their neatly wrapped gifts - especially children as they can barely contain their excitement and suspense. You get the epic look of concentration as they try to find weak points in your wrapping, which turns to elation and happiness as they finally reveal the gift inside - it’s such a rewarding feeling for both you and the gift opener!


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